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Apply to become a Winning With ALS Family

Winning with ALS offers grants to support the needs of children who live in a home with a parent that has been diagnosed with ALS. If you are interested, please complete the application form below.


Program goals – Winning with ALS is determined to make a difference in as many lives of children of

families affected by ALS as possible.  Applications are welcome from individual families who have been affected by ALS.

Who Should apply?   Winning with ALS, Inc’s mission is to provide financial assistance to individual children of families who have been affected by ALS.  There is no guarantee that applicants will receive funding unless approved by Winning with ALS, Inc. and awards are at the sole discretion of Winning with ALS, Inc.  No Grant funding approved by Winning with ALS, Inc., will be given directly to the family or children applicants but it will be paid directly to the applicants approved service or provider.  For example, if a family requests and is awarded a grant from Winning with ALS, Inc. for aid to pay for tuition for a basketball camp, Winning with ALS, Inc., in its sole discretion, will pay the approved Grant award directly to the basketball camp – not the family applicant.  Once a family has been funded, there is no guarantee that it will receive subsequent funding.  All Winning with ALS, Grant awards are awarded at the complete and sole discretion of Winning with ALS, Inc.

Apply to become a WWALS Family.

Thanks for submitting!

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