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2023 Cripple Creek Music Festival Announcement

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Good things are always worth the wait.  While the 4rd annual Cripple Creek Music may have been interrupted last year, fear not-


The music, fun and giving will resume October 7, 2023 at the DCCH Fairgrounds in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Check out our 2023 Cripple Creek Music Festival page for band details.

For the latest announcements follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


Through your generous support of the Cripple Creek Music Festival, Wining With ALS, Inc., is proud to announce a few ways we’ve have given back to ALS families this year.

  • Sent 3 families on vacation

  • Bathroom remodel with the support of Toto

  • Provided grants for tuition for children to college and private high school

  • Approved a grant for two boys to play fantastic flag football in the fall

  • Thrilled a senior in high school to be able to work with a college and career counselor as he looks to choose a college for fall of 2021


While the music has to wait for now, the need for children and families will not. Your tax-deductible donation and support are more important than ever.  Please consider clicking the 'DONATE' button (top right of this page) and giving to help Winning With ALS. Inc, continue to provide its mission

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